Monday, 14 February 2011

Hey all,

I finally arrived in Kabul. A slightly dodgy (?ex-russian) airline brought us in at 5 am to the airport. I had a few moments of "What on earth am I doing here?" when all the people on the plane looked as if we were crazy but since arriving everyone I have met has been absolutely lovely.

The airport has lots of security but little else. There is a guy who gives driving instructions to the pilot to help him park his plane by running around the runway with a bright yellow jacket whilst waving what look like bike lights! I was just glad to be on the ground.

The first smell of a place means a lot to me. I love the smell of India- its mix of spice, sweat, heat and so much more. Here the air is dry, cold and dusty. Kabul is exactly that at the moment but Zahra say in the summer its warm and has lovely balmy evenings.

Ill write more soon. Tell you more about what i have been up to.

Lots of love


PS this also means I am still safe.

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