Monday, 14 February 2011

First leg of the journey

Hello Everyone,

I've arrived safe and sound to Dubai. Had a lovely day on the beach and planning on leaving tomorrow night for Kabul with Neer and John.

Mostly just wanted to let you know so as not to worry. Ill try to email regularly when I get to Kabul.

My trip so far has been far from scary Adam so don't fret. Dubai is going through serious changes at the moment. The recession has meant a
cessation of most of the horrible tower block building and masses of huge building stand empty, like abandoned giants play toys. Which is eerie,
a little like the Apocalypse but actually quite nice. It means less cars on the roads for one. And less people. Two good things in my book.

The scariest thing that has happened so far (apart from Dubai Taxis) was the World Parachute Championship that happened to landing right next to us on the beach.

Im off to explore.

Lots of love

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